Peasmarsh Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) – Peasmarsh Parish Council

Rother District Council has given notice that the Independent Examiner wishes to have a public hearing about the PNDP – further information can be found at this links – Peasmarsh NP Examination – Rother District Council

The Peasmarsh NDP is a volunteer led community group allowing everyone in Peasmarsh a say in how and where our village should be developed. Future development cannot be stopped but by developing an NDP we the local people can have a say – a neighbourhood plan is a legal planning document which must be used by local councils when they decide on local planning issues.

Help to get involved by following the Facebook page – @PeasmarshNDP or Nextdoor – Peasmarsh NDP Group. By looking at information and updates on the website – Peasmarsh NDP and emailing the volunteer group if you have any queries or feel like you could volunteer or contribute to the process in some way – email

This is a democratic process and the group wants all residents, businesses and workers in Peasmarsh to be heard. In the end there will be a referendum on the NDP.

Referendum – Thursday February 29th 2024

Results of Referendum

Final version of the Peasmarsh Neighbourhood Development Plan

Rother District Council Final Decision Statement